Director Penny Woolcock in conversation with Nicola Abel-Hirsch

Penny Woolcock and Nicola Abel-Hirsch

Photo: James Royall

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Venue: London Metropolitan University

Date: Friday 27 June 2008

Director Penny Woolcock (right) talked to Nicola Abel-Hirsch about her obsession with extremes and with life on society’s margins.

Penny Woolcock’s works include documentaries such as The Wet House and Shakespeare On The Estate and the improvised dramas Tina Goes Shopping, Tina Takes A Break and Mischief Night. Her feature films include The Principles Of Lust, The Death of Klinghoffer, for which she won the Prix Italia and the Vienna Music Prize, and the acclaimed Exodus. She is currently working on The Postcode Wars, a film about gang culture in which gang members have been cast.

Nicola Abel-Hirsch is a psychoanalyst working in private practice in London. She teaches in the UK and Taiwan and her publications include a work on the life instinct, Eros. She is also the editor of Hanna Segal's recent book Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow.